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In her article, New Year, Same Me, Rebecca Stanton writes, "Life is all about new beginnings, and 2021 needs to begin on a more positive and optimistic note than how we all lived through 2020.”

We revisit with the Graham-Jackson family of Florida. Three years ago we featured Matthew Graham and Richardo Jackson when they were fostering a young boy. Now the couple are raising two adopted children.

During this difficult time, New Orleans dad, Erik Alexander reflects back on the "turbulent road" he took when he first came out to his family of origin in Mississippi.

In addition to the pandemic, politics is front and center as America transitions to a new administration. LGBTQ parents discuss the elections, politics, and how it affects their families. Aubree Calvin, a professor of government at a community college in Texas and co-host of the podcast, Southern Queeries, examines where LGBTQ politics needs to go next and how it affects families. Calvin and her family grace our cover. Also, meet three LGBTQ parents that will work with the Biden-Harris administration.

Lastly, check out our 22nd Annual Gay Parent Magazine LGBTQ Friendly Summer Camps/Programs and Independent School Directory Listing. School will be ending in less than a year, unfortunately due to the pandemic many summer camps and programs are not operating. Nevertheless, check out this list for summer programs and schools for your children. Contact these camps and independent school programs to find out what they are doing to ensure your child’s safety while providing them stress relief and fun.

Editorial contributor to this issue includes Gary Hurtubise.

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