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On our cover are Joey Pierce, his husband Christopher, and their children. Both dads came out later in life after being in straight marriages. Instead of having stepdads, their children have bonus dads.

In the closet for most of his life, Richard "Dick" Lewallen, a retired minister, came out to his adult children when he was age 71. He is now estranged from his children.

In 1974, when Lisa Luca found out her father was gay, she writes, "...it threw me into a tailspin."

For Black History month, Aubree Calvin writes about Pauli Murray. Pauli was a Black activist, lawyer, priest, writer, poet, and person ahead of their time. Born in 1910, and assigned female at birth, Pauli Murray was always uncomfortable with their gender. Despite this, Pauli fought for women's rights and was a founding member of the National Organization for Women.

In his new memoir, High Yella, Steve Major talks about growing up poor, parenting adopted children, and being a gay light skinned Black person.

Emily Jaeger, her wife, and daughter moved south from Connecticut and found a strong LGBTQ community.

Lastly, check out our 23rd Annual Gay Parent Magazine LGBTQ Friendly Summer Camps/Programs listing. With the pandemic nearing two years now, a fun summer experience for your child is important. In addition to traditional camps, are camps offering, circus, theater, and performing arts and a few that are specifically for LGBTQ campers. Some also offer family camping.

Editorial contributor includes Gary Hurtubise.

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