May-June 2024 issue #154 digital download



On our cover is the Dunn Leonardo family of Long Island, New York. Aynisa Leonardo and Suzie Dunn are parents to an eighteen year old and a four year old. Together, Aynisa and Suzie are using their caring and creative skills to help people in their community.

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month; each May-June issue we feature a list of foster care and adoption organizations that can assist in helping you build and nurture your family. In this issue read about Adoption Connection in California. Learn how Adoption Connection guided a same gender couple to finalize their adoption after the couple was denied by the state.

Meet the West family of Vermont. Jonathan and Thomas West are parents of four children under the age of eight. All their children were adopted through foster care.

Read about the McDaniel family of Boulder, Colorado. Teague McDaniel is a work-at-home solo parent of two children. Teague believes, "As individuals, we can endeavor to raise compassionate and creative children while living by example."

There’s still time to sign up your child for summer camp. Check out Gay Parent Magazine’s annual listing of LGBTQ friendly summer camps and programs for your children.

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