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Welcome to our 20th anniversary issue! Every year, since 2003 Gay Parent Magazine-New York (GPM-NY) has been publishing stories and resources focusing on LGBTQ headed families living in the New York tristate area. Read about GPM-NY’s history.

Nelisha and Mimi Barron grew up in the same New Jersey complex but they didn't connect until years later. The couple recently lost one of their sons to cancer but they are open to sharing their experience in an effort to help others with similar loss.

Andrea Gardner, a public school teacher, never thought she’d become a mom by adopting one of her students.

With fortitude, faith, and a village of resources, single dad, Alejandro Salazar is raising his three daughters.

In each Gay Parent Magazine-New York we feature a list of parent support groups for the tri-state area. This year we highlight LGBT Network’s Families Program. Based on Long Island and Queens, the LGBT Network offers a multitude of services for those wanting to start a family and those already raising children. This active organization offers family building assistance and socialization for families.

In each Gay Parent Magazine-New York we feature a listing of Pride and family events. This list will provide you the status of these annual events, they are back in-person this year. As of this writing many are still being planned but our list provides websites for updates.

Editorial contributor to this issue includes Deadra Albrecht-Frasch.

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