Gay Parent magazine-New York 2023-2024 issue #21 digital download



Welcome to our 21st issue. Every year, since 2003 Gay Parent Magazine-New York (GPM-NY) has been publishing stories and resources focusing on LGBTQ headed families living in the New York tristate area.

Dancer Stephen Hanna and performer Bret Shuford are known to their 100,000 plus social media followers as the Broadway Husbands. The couple are also new parents.

In this issue are three articles by Long Island mom, Ali Rothlizzi. Ali frequently writes about the vacations she takes with her wife and children. In this issue, Ali writes about Pride coming to her Farmingdale neighborhood, her oldest child’s Bar Mitzvah, and their family vacation to Atlantic City.

In this issue are advertiser spotlight articles on two independent schools: The Montessori School in Flatiron and Soho and Riverdale Country School.

In each Gay Parent Magazine-New York we feature a list of parent support groups for the tri-state area.

In each Gay Parent Magazine-New York we feature a listing of Pride and family events. As of this writing many are still being planned but our list provides websites for updates.

24 pages, 19.4 mb digital file

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